Leaving for my first solo trip

About Me

Hi I'm Taylor - now 24, living in Istanbul and learning more and more about how the world is working. The girl in the picture here is 22 and just setting out with hopes and excitement at everything that lay ahead.

I used to think that anyone could travel if they put their mind to it. I said (and everything  I read said), it's simple, just save a little money, buy a ticket, and get out there. Now, I've become painfully aware of the world of visas, of travel bans, of "blocks." I've changed a lot since I started this site I guess. Before, I had the slogan, "life between college and career" - neatly tucked into the way travel was defined for me. Now I see that people travel also because they are forced to, because they're running from something, looking for something, or maybe because they're scared to stop.