Transportation in Morocco: Grand Taxis

Grand Taxi - Morocco

First of all, I’m a huge fan of grand taxis. They’re uncomfortable, cheap, and make me feel like I’m living Moroccan life the right way.

Grand taxis are a common, affordable mode of transportation within Morocco. Little Mercedes Benz cabs to different cities wait in designated places to fill up with people who are all headed in the same direction.

When I say, fill up, I mean fill up. They don’t leave until there are two passengers up front with the driver and four passengers squeezed into the back seat. It’s like at home when we illegally squish too many friends in the car for a short drive. Except in this situation, you are bone-to-bone with strangers for  a generally longer journey.

From Casablanca to Berrechid, I was so cramped that my right butt cheek was asleep by the time we reached our destination. On the way to El Jadida, I was nestled into the arm of some male stranger. Then the next ride, I sat in front next to the driver, basically on top of the shift stick, and had to lean to the side for him to switch gears. My only comfortable ride was when some other volunteers and I filled up the whole back seat on our own.

Grand Taxis, Morocco

These are the shared cabs of Morocco. They are not glamorous or comfortable but I’ll tell you they’re cheaper and more convenient than the train. For example, 13 dirhams from Berrechid to Casablanca versus 19 dirhams on the train. This isn’t a huge difference but I imagine it would increase with longer distances. And, you get dropped off near the city center rather than the outskirts of town.

The toughest part is determining where you need to go to catch a taxi to each city. For that, it’s easiest to ask a local or your hostel staff.

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