Koh Rong Samloem

Welcome to Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

Koh Rong Samloem, like Zdiar, is another location that I happened on very much by chance. I got on a boat heading to the larger island of Koh Rong. When it docked, I did not find anywhere to stay that appealed to me and asked to re-board the boat to its next stop which happened to be the east side of KRS. What I found was an undeveloped island with a small village called M'Pai Bei and a handful of bungalows from which to choose. I much preferred it to the hectic Koh Rong and decided to stay a night. 


My bf and I were the only ones on the beach. And we did not see any other humans around us until we were packing up to walk back to the hostel and some saw some folks on a walk. We felt like we were the first to discover the island and had the whole thing to ourselves.


There is food available at most of the bungalows as well as a Turkish restaurant on the pier.  The food is not quite as good as in Turkey and a little pricy for Khmer standards but it wasn't bad. 


I stayed at Chill Inn and paid $10 for a private bungalow-type room. ​However, all of the accommodation options similar and right next to each other so I suggest walking to each one and seeing where you can get the best price. 

Useful Information

  1. This side of the island (M'Pai Bay) is very undeveloped. Picture stepping over/through litter on your walk to the beach and witnessing a local woman throw a bag of garbage off the dock and into the ocean.
  2. To leave the island, there are two boats per day. One is the supply boat at 9:30am which is sure to come every day. The other is a boat at 4:00pm that only sails if there is enough demand. Meaning, if you for sure want to leave the island on a particular day, you need to be out at 9:30am. 


If you want to stay longer on the island, Marine Conservation Cambodia offers volunteer marine conservation opportunities.