Capital: Rabat
Currency: Dirham
Language: Arabic (also French and some Spanish in the North) 

Morocco is fantastically unique and exciting to explore. It's complicated and a great place to learn about a completely different culture. The longer I'm here, the more comfortable I feel and the more I enjoy the way of life. I've found the people to be generally very friendly and hospitable. Just remember before traveling here, however, that it is a Muslim country. Dress conservatively and try to be respectful of the culture. I wear long pants every day and layers on top so that I have the option of long sleeves when they feel necessary. Another good thing to know is that in a lot of places it's still uncommon to see women alone in public places at night. If you are traveling alone, expect to spend more time indoors once it gets dark or make some male friends to join up with for evening outings.