Welcome to Tangier, Morocco

Tangier is one of Morocco's port cities located just under Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar. I loved the energy of this city when I visited and was very excited to be somewhere so different from Western Europe. The city had a surprisingly atmosphere spite of its easy access on ferry from Spain; I assume most travelers tend to just pass through on their way to other destinations. Tangier, however, is full of bustling markets and unique architecture and instilled me with an immediate fondness of Morocco. After leaving, I went southeast to Chefchaouen


The medina is the center of the city with all of the narrow windy streets. To me, these are the most fun streets to walk through. Most likely, your hostel will be located within the medina.  


The Kasbah is the area on top of the medina where the sultan used to live. You can see it all on foot in just an hour. There is a map to follow near the Bab Haha gate at the entrance. 

Grand Socco Food Market

Go walk through the Grand Socco food market where locals shop for their groceries. Just look or buy yourself a snack. I purchased a small plastic bag of fresh green olives to eat as I explored. 


I stayed at The Medina Hostel. This hostel had clean rooms, a great roof, fantastic location, and free (small) breakfast. It was perfect except for the issue of finding it due to its troublesome name. Read about my struggles here.