Welcome to Porto, Portugal

Porto, or Oporto, is the second largest city in Portugal (after Lisbon) and should not be overlooked.  I'll remember it for its production of port wine and for the views along the Douro River.  Although I was only able to visit the city briefly on a stopover on my way to Madrid, I can share with you what I did manage to see. I remember my day here fondly, partly because it was the first stop of my solo trip! 

Livraria Lello Library

Take a visit, if you would like, to the library that served as inspiration to Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling. This popular tourist activity will now cost you 3 euros. If you are on a poor backpacker budget and would rather not pay to enter a bookstore, you could always peek in through the door. If you do enter, your 3 euro payment is credited to any purchase you make during your visit. 

Located: Rua das Carmelitas 144 - ​Opens at 10am (many sites say 9:30 but when I was there the doors opened at 10. Get there early to avoid the line but don't forget to first buy your ticket across the street. Probably the ticket office opens at 9:30 and the bookstore at 10).


Peek in at this fully functioning train station to gaze at the intricate tiling work from the early 1900's. This is a quick in and out stop that is right on the way to your walk across the bridge.

​Located: Praça Almeida Garrett


Bridge Over the Rio Douro

Cross over to the other side of the city by taking the bridge across the Rio Douro. Walk on the upper level of the bridge for the best view.

​Tip: I recommend doing this early as you will want as much time as possible strolling along the river. 

Port Wine Tour

After crossing the bridge, make your way down to ground level to find a port wine tasting to your liking. I suggest Taylor's (which I chose of course for the name). For 7 euros you receive a taste of three different port wines as well as a presentation and tour of the cellar. I will warn you - it is a bit of an uphill climb to get to the facility so if that is not for you there are plenty of other venues to choose from closer to the river. Read about my tasting experience here

​Located: Rua do Choupelo nº 250