Welcome to Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. I ended up in this fascinating city completely by chance when I needed an affordable way to travel from the south of Spain to Eastern Europe. Once, I realized the bus route I was considering was unrealistic, I searched RyanAir for the cheapest flight east and found that Bratislava was my best option. Turns out I ended up sticking around this small city for almost a week and then choosing to continue on to yet another town in Slovakia, Zdiar, before heading to my initial destination of Budapest.  

Castle and Surrounding Area

Go walk around the castle of Bratislava. It's very plain and more of a military fort but the walk up to and around it is very nice. There is a museum inside but many people have told me that it is not worth paying to enter.


The old city is filled with small odd details to lighten the mood caused by the prevalent Communist architecture. 

3909481Petržalka is the largest Communist-era housing complex in Central Europe. Driving through the neighborhood was ridiculous - it was full of rows and rows of identical housing buildings. Apparently all of the complexes were grey until recently when the inhabitants began to paint them different colors to make the neighborhood a little more lighthearted. The fun thing is that entire buildings have not been able to agree on one color - creating stripes of many shades!


A Few Traditional Dishes

  • Bryndzove halusky - Potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon
  • Lokshe - Thin rolled pancakes that can be filled with jam and poppy seeds, sauerkraut, cabbage, or even liver
  • Cesnakova Polievka - Garlic soup, often served in a bread bowl 
  • Kapustnica - Cabbage Soup

Everyone will tell you to eat at Slovak Pub. I am not a fan personally. The waiters are known in town for being rude and for overcharging. When I ate there, I got charged double for my bread and had terrible service. Slovak Pub, however, does have a sister restaurant called Flag Ship where I had a little bit better of an experience. 


Wild Elephant's Hostel - I stayed here for one night and have no complaints. It was very cheap as I chose the largest mixed dorm room. There is a free staff-led pub crawl every night - making it a great stuff for the solo traveler. The hostel staff also cooks dinner on some nights. 
Couchsurfing - Shout out to my friend Gabika for dealing with my for as long as she did.