Welcome to Cádiz, Spain

Cádiz is a small beach city located in the southwest of Spain. It is best known for its annual festival called Carnival, but it has its visitors in off season as well. I saw this city generally a destination to relax by the beach, eat tapas, and take peaceful walks through the streets. There is also nightlife if you go closer to the entrance of the old city. Cádiz got its first Chupitos (shot bar) when I was there in October 2015. 


There are three different beaches in Cádiz - Two in the old city and one in the new. I spent most of my time at Playa de la Caleta - the beach in the old city. This beach is surrounded by beautiful old structures so to me it was preferable to the sand-only beaches that I am used to at home. Bring a towel and hang out all day. Just watch your things because the beach is a prime target for looters. 

The other two beaches of the city are La Victoria and Santa María del Mar. These two are next to each other so it's easy to check them both out in a day. 

Cadiz Central Market

The Cadiz Central Market, mostly a fish market, is located in Plaza Libertad. It is an indoor market with some stalls around the outside so you will know when you are in the right place. Enter and find the freshest fish, vegetables, fruits, and cheeses in the city. You can do your food shopping for the week as well as eat a meal from one of the food carts in the market. Whether you make any purchases or not, don't miss walking through for the experience. Just don't go on a Monday because there won't be any fish (the fishermen don't work on Sundays).

Location: Plaza Libertad
Hours: 9 am - 3:30 pm

Language School

I took Spanish classes at Centro Melkart during my time in Cádiz. I found this school by researching different options online and narrowing them down by price and location. In the end, I chose Cetro Melkart because of its high ratings, affordable price, and proximity to Morocco and Portugal. I have no complaints about the course. The teachers were great and the class was a great language refresher for the rest of my time in Spain. 

Food and Drink

Woodstock Bar - A popular student bar with a language exchange on Wednesdays
La Freiduria Las Flores - Fresh and fried seafood; I ate here many times mostly for the fresh octopus (pulpo). It's located in Plaza Topete, close to the Central Market. Nestle yourself into the crowded bar to eat there rather than sitting at a table. It's cheaper and you get the benefit of being able to point to the dishes you want.