Welcome to Cappadocia, Turkey

A crazy interesting town in Turkey. The landscape looks like something out of Star Wars. In fact, it is rumored that Luke Skywalker's hometown was modeled after the sights in Cappadocia.  Sadly, according to the owner of my guesthouse, many tourists fly into town only to do and balloon ride and then flight out that night to their next destination. This is a mistake and I would advise sticking around for a view days to walk around and enjoy this unique gem of Turkey.

To get here, I took an overnight bus from Istanbul. This was actually a great experience to do once as the driver stops periodically for tea breaks and that is adorable. Flights are also cheap, however, and I chose to fly back rather than take the bus a second time. 

Explore the Castle

My favorite day in Cappadocia was when I joined some other travelers from my guesthouse in exploring the "castle." Although it is possible to pay to enter the castle itself and climb to the top, we instead opted to do our own exploration by walking around the outside of the structure. We climbed up and in, taking whichever pathways were available and had the best time exploring. 

Take a Walk

Below are some of the views you will see just walking around Cappadocia. I saw these sights walking back to my guesthouse after exploring the castle.

Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride seems to be the reason that Cappadocia is on the traveler's radar. If you travel to this town, everything will tell you that the ride is a must and that you cannot leave Cappadocia without the experience. I will leave that decision up to you as it is an expensive activity (>$100). Personally, I was going to skip it and just wake up to watch the balloons enter the air. But, of course I was convinced it was necessary and ended up rising into the sky myself. Read my thoughts on that here. 

Green Tour

All of Cappadocia's hotels and tourist offices offer similar packages. Balloon rides, the red tour, and the green tour seemed to be the most popular items. This Green Tour was included with my hot air balloon ride.