Welcome to Istanbul, Turkey

I fell in love with Istanbul. The city of the east and west; Europe and Asia. I loved the hectic markets, the language, the food, and the culture. I almost did not make it to the city but am very thankful that I did. I am also longing to go back so we will see what 2016 has in store. From here, I did a trip to Cappadocia for a couple of nights and then flew to Bangkok.

Top Sights

Istanbul "Must Sees" - Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, The Grand Bazaar, The Spice Bazaar (unpictured) and Galeta Tower. The Spice Market was my favorite attraction in the city. 

Bosphorus River Cruise

On the suggestion of my host, Gizem, I went on a Bosphorus River Cruise. It was an hour boat ride down the river and back with some information shared on the loudspeaker that I couldn't hear. To get to the site, take the DT1 bus to Ortaköy and walk towards the water. Bring your appetite because all along the port are booths selling kumpir: a large (huge) potato mixed with butter and cheese and topped with sausage and all sorts of veggies. 


Don't miss the chance to visit a Turkish hammam. Although many of these are very built up and a touristy activity for locals themselves, there are still some more authentic options. Read about my experience here. 


There is too much amazing food to represent in this little section. See my Turkish food photo journal for more information on this particular topic. 

Around Town


I cannot speak personally about the hostels as I stayed with a friend of a friend (thank you for being amazing hosts Gizem and Burak!). From a quick Hostelworld search though, I see there are many options ranging from about 7-15 euros. It would probably be fun to stay near the Taksim square area if you plan to go out on the town.