A Visit to the Ouzoud Falls

Waterfalls - Ouzoud, Morocco

Beni-Mellal to Ouzoud Falls

Earlier this week, three of my friends from the language school and I Couchsurfed in Beni-Mellal and met the wonderful Mohamed and Ali. These two showed us around town and then took us camping by the nearby waterfalls. Then, Mohamed made this fantastic video:

Check out his other videos as well – they may just convince you to come to Morocco. Channel: Ourty Mohamed

A Bit on the Ouzoud Falls

The Ouzoud Falls themselves are beautiful – the highest waterfalls in Morocco. There are many vantage points you can walk to for some different views of the water. For someone like me who hasn’t seen all that many waterfalls, it’s very impressive. There’s an especially great place to stand almost at the foot of the falls where you can feel the spray hitting your face and look out at the rainbow and the water rushing down.

Waterfall Ouzoud, morocco

Surrounding this gift of nature, the area itself is very built up with restaurants, boats, and places to stay. I wouldn’t call it unspoiled.

If you keep walking beyond the initial arrival point, however, you can feel like you’re on your own in the outdoors. During my visit, my friends and I walked an hour or two to get to the place where we would set up our tents for the night. On the way, we passed a popular area called Hawaii and then climbed up and down rocks like mountain goats to keep going deeper into the nature. After leaving behind the restaurants and established campsites, we only saw one person for the rest of the way – a fisherman working way down in the valley.

We set up camp for the night and enjoyed the stars, some Moroccan tea, and a canned fish dinner. It was much more peaceful and authentic than it would have been if we had paid for a campsite up closer to the falls. I suggest this strategy if you have the means (really all you need is a tent).

camping ouzoud morocco

In the morning, we walked five minutes away from our campsite to see the “Batman Cave.” This is a cave alongside the river that you can go inside and climb up around some of the channels inside. It’s a lot of fun if you like exploring and aren’t afraid of heights or small spaces. It’s also well known so you should be able to find it by asking around.

Anyway, if you go to Ouzoud, enjoy the falls but then keep going! Go for a hike into nature and spend the night if you can. The stars are beautiful and you can fall asleep to the sounds of the river.

Thank you again Mohamed and Ali for being the best hosts!!

To Ouzoud from Beni-Mellal: Shared cab at 50 dirham per person (or 60 if you want to take the longer and “better” road). Cabs leave from behind the bus station. The drive is about two hours.

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